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Where is Baby Edward?

All the elephants were playing around the watering hole, squirting water through their trunks and rolling around in the mud. They were all having a wonderful time and had been playing for ages. But when Daddy elephant went down to the water hole to check on Baby Edward, he couldn’t find him.

“Has anyone seen Baby Edward?” he asked, but no one was sure where he was.

“We saw him earlier”, said Jessie and Jamie elephant who were his best friends. They explained that Baby Edward was hungry, but they weren’t sure where he had gone. Daddy elephant said he would go and look for Baby Edward and Jessie and Jamie Elephant said they wanted to help.

And so they agreed that Daddy elephant would go up the path to the woods on the hill and Jessie and Jamie elephant would go down the path to the stream.

Join them on their search for Baby Edward…

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